Double Layer Face Mask - Spring Blossoms

Double Layer Face Mask - Spring Blossoms

This is a fabric face mask that covers the nose and mouth.  Elastic for over the ears.  Mask is double layer with prints on both sides, top stitched for finishing.  Mannequin head is slightly smaller than a normal human head so mask fits tighter. Fabric Face Mask.


We will match 100% to a hospital in need for every mask purchased, we donate a mask so you are not only protecting yourself and loved ones but aiding others with every purchase.


Liability Disclaimer for masks:


This notice serves as a disclaimer for the masks provided by Bbeauty  Designs.  These masks are not N95 compliant and are not intended to be used in a setting where N95 compliance is required/recommended/needed.  These masks are onlyl to be supplied as a supplement to the normal supply.  They are intended to be used by people who do not have or need the N95 type.  Our intention by providing these masks is to extend the current supply of N95 and surgical grade masks that are needed by the workers that absolutely must use that type.  Using these masks will not prevent anyone from contracting the novel coronavirus or any other mality.  They are used to protect when other medical masks are not available to try to control the spread of droplets or contact by sneezing or coughing.


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