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Evil Queen Snow White Villain Adult Park Costume

Evil Queen Snow White Villain Adult Park Costume

Custom made to order.  Please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery.  If you need it in a shorter time frame, please contact us first for rush fees and availability.

The dress is made from a woven taffeta brocade in purple and black (close-up of fabric included). The fabric changes from black to purple with embroidered swirl designs depending on how the light hits it. The dress itself has a high neckline, princess seams down the front, a flared skirt, and is lined in black satin. The sleeves are not only lined, but there is a second sleeve built in (hard to see because it is also black, but it's made out of black spandex and fitted close to the arm. There is pointed edge to this sleeve with a finger loop to drape around the middle finger. Then the giant draped sleeves fall over it with beautifully edged gold crepe satin borders and an inside black satin lining. The dress is finished off with a long rope corded gold belt.

The cape trains 2 feet beyond the dress and is made of black satin, lined in red satin for a truly evil look. It snaps to the dress around the neckline/collar area. It also has a built in wrist loop for carrying the cape whilst wearing in case you don't want it to drag on the ground during movement, or to whip around in a fury if you are cosplaying dramatically.

The medallion is done in gold thick chain with a solid brass (hand made and polished piece of cut brass, with a center stone). It lays over the center of the cape and is adjustable.

The collar is heavily interfaced to stand on it's own and snaps to the dress. It's lovely pointed edges outstretched for a truly evil look.

Coif is made from black spandex to fit tightly around the head and with an almost heart like cutout for the face. At the top, two slots are sewn for the combs of the crown to be able to attach to the hair beneath so that the crown can be secured. Metal crown painted gold with two haircombs and a diamond jewel fastener at the back.
  • Details

    Please ask us for a custom commission if you do not want all the pieces included in this listing. This listing is for the full package.


    Evil Medallion on a chain
    Evil Queen Crown
    Evil Queen Dress
    Evil Queen Cape
    Evil Queen Coif
    Evil Queen Collar
    Evil Queen Rope Tie Belt

    Sold Separately

    Evil Queen Shoes
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