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Maleficent Villain Costume & Horns Gown Couture

Maleficent Villain Costume & Horns Gown Couture

Custom made to order. Please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery. If you need it in a shorter time frame, please contact us first for rush fees and availability.

This is a variation design inspired by the piece featured in the Maleficent movie as played by Angelina Jolie.

Picture Credits: Modeled by Shiree Collier and Photography by Michelle Monique Photography. Costume in the picture is made by Bbeauty Designs

We set out to do this design very much based on the movie but with a few practical changes. Firstly we designed it to be an easy walk around costume. The original gown design from the movie had a fantastically long train which is great if you are standing still, but hard to move around in conventions, special events, or trick or treating if you are continuously worried about someone stepping on it and damaging it. The skirt itself does have a little train at the back, but much more manageable. Secondly the design allows for a much sexier appeal. The original had almost a cape like shape with tons of fabric but not much in the way of shaping. We designed our Maleficent to form fit the body and show the womanly curves. It hugs close to the body and flares out in the skirt. Thirdly, for a bit added drama, this particular costume has a bit of a plunging neckline (can omit it if you wish).

The gown is designed in a pleated satin which has a beautiful rustling noise when moving. It is lined in the bodice area in black satin with a crystal pendant that hangs from the neckline. The large draping sleeves do not drag on the ground and are closed to the wrist point to allow the hand to go through but for the sleeve to hang nicely. The sleeves are designed to have lots of extra fabric (longer than the actual arm length) to allow them to drape and bunch up down the arm for extra body. The dress fits close to the body and then flares out on the skirt towards the bottom. Pictured over a trumpet slip (sold separately from our website).

  • Details

    The horns are casted in resin. They have been casted hollow to eliminate a lot of the weight with wearing on the head. Painted black and screwed to an almost helmet like structure. On the inside several metal combs allow the wearer to secure to the head. The turban pictured over top is both glued and sewn to the helmet's outer structure and assists in making the wearer feel as if the headpiece is secure and snug around the head. All hair should be tucked under the turban when wearing. The turban was originally sculpted in a silver and black snakeskin vinyl that can be stretched around the head. Even though it had a dark appearance in light and photographs the turban material can look very grey in some lightings It is actually a silvery grey with black lizard designs. Wearing at night appears black, wearing in daylight very grey and black. If you wish we can also construct the turban in a plain black vinyl to closer represent the movie. Please indicate if you would like to change the turban fabric upon checkout.

    The collar on the dress is removable and snaps on just underneath the neckline using a series of snaps. It is removable as it cannot be washed. It is wired so that the wearer can adjust the height and shape and bend them into the desired position. It is structured with a very thick interfacing and then covered in snakeskin upholstry fabric almost resembling a velvet or velour (subject to availability).

    The neckpiece is made from the same fabric as the collar and velcro's closed around the neck.

    The staff shown is the official staff distributed by Disney from the Maleficent movie and was not made by us.

    Options: If you would like modifications such as the dramatic train or a more classicly shaped gown/cape please contact us for a quote.


    Maleficent Gown
    Maleficent Wired Collar
    Maleficent Horns
    Maleficent Neckpiece

    Sold Separately

    Trumpet Slip
    Maleficent Staff (Pictured is an official staff prop by Disney)
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