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About Us

It really all stems for a fantastic love of the world of make-believe.  Bbeauty Designs is a firm believer in the art of dress up, the imagination of building fantasy and art, and the thrill of enjoying something special with families and their children.  Bbeauty Designs was born from that love, encompassing beautiful quality designs accessible to anyone sharing the same passion. The commitment to quality provides every person with the chance to own something beautiful, something cherished that you cannot find in today's stores, a little piece of imagination and creativity.  We have a high commitment to quality in all the products we offer and design.


Heather Rosales started Bbeauty Designs in 2006 and since that date has created over 6,000 quality costumes for clients.  In 2020  Bbeauty entered the toy industry offering customizable options for the doll industry to keep play time, imagination, and creativity going in families today.  See our website: for doll products.


"I get asked all the time what Bbeauty means, and I chuckle to myself thinking one day it will be the newest catch phrase." says owner Heather Rosales. "Bbeauty is an acronym for Be Beautiful a dual definition that covers the drive behind Bbeauty products of being beautiful inside and out (sewing) and for clients themselves to be beautiful inside and out. We purposefully align ourselves with organizations and individuals that promote character, inner beauty, quality, and skill. And we form long standing client/vendor relationships with dependability and quality leading the way."


"It's important to me to take things to the next level." Heather Rosales says.  In keeping with the theme of Fairytale and Fantasy, Bbeauty strives to always bring something new to the table to delight and surprise it's fan following. "I love recreating the classic characters, but I also love to use my imagination and re-discover characters in a new light". It is part of Bbeauty's committment to constantly learn new skills and apply them to costuming to create beautiful works of art for exhibitions, shows, and their client's closets. "My favorite part is when clients come to me to create them something new as it allows me to use my imagination and creativity and I'm not bound by the rules of recreation."  


Setting themselves apart as one of the leading costume makers for the Fairytale and Fantasy realm, Bbeauty Designs does just that, creating spectacular works for fans all over the world.



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