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Web Orders


Popular costumes that are re-orderable commissions are available in our Etsy shop (Limited items) and under our Shop section (Full selection) of our website for purchase. These items must be pre-paid in full. Any alterations or personalizations to these existing designs must be discussed in advance as additional charges may apply. Each item although available for instant purchase is still custom made to order and subject to our custom commissions policies. As Bbeauty custom patterns all garments and doesn't use generic sizing as found when making something from a store bought pattern, you are not limited to a specific dress size or size range on any of our orders. However if your garment requires complicated patterning or for a very specialized size pattern fees start at $45/hour.


Custom Commission Requests

If you are requesting an original design or a character design that is not in our portfolio, you may discuss it with us by phone, fax, email, or by messaging us through Facebook or our Etsy shop. Once all the details are discussed, Bbeauty will write up an invoice detailing out the discussion and all the pertinent details for the client to review. This invoice is our contract to you, therefore it is imperative that any designs or important details are listed there. Since all contracts for services must be in writing, if you mention something in a conversation and it is not listed on the invoice, the invoice must be changed to reflect that detail and any applicable costs. Bbeauty is bound only by the written details "the contract". Once the contract is finalized it is sent to the client for final approval and for payment. Once payment is received it is an automatic approval of the contract and acceptance of our policies. Note that quotes will include costs to sketch (if applicable), research, source applicable fabrics and trims, costs of all notions, fabric, and materials to create your piece, patterning, and sewing fees. If you plan on doing the design work, research, or sourcing parts of your commission yourself, please advise us at the time of ordering .


Sketches, Swatches, and Design Work

Please note that as a design firm, our design services are not available for free.  We provide up to 1 hour consultation on your project to discuss the details and 1 free sketch if the potential client is unable to visualize the concept.  If you require additional sketches or ideas, you will need to pay a design fee to receive additional sketches.  We as well do have the capability to present formal sketches and concepts for presentations which also require a design fee to create. Clients that do not pay for design work ie. the initial design sketch, retain no rights to the sketch and cannot resell it or take it to another designer or seamstress to create.  However we can present ideas that clients do not book to other clients. Clients who pay for design work with the intent to have outside creation of it done, are entitled to the designs created by Bbeauty Designs as stipulated in their contract.



We do grant exclusivity on original designs.  To qualify as an original design it must meet the following criteria:

1) You own the rights to the idea

2) It has never been created before

3) The idea has come from an original sketch and is an original character

4) You submitted the idea to Bbeauty Designs (we retain the rights of any concepts we create)


The following items do not qualify for exclusivity:

1) A replication of a pre-existing design ie. a current character

2) A change in fabrics, trims, or shape on an existing character

3) An inspiration of a character where you do not own the rights to that character

4) A character that Bbeauty Designs created 


Exclusivity must be discussed prior to commissioning any order.  If you have a confidentiality agreement, it must be presented prior to any discussions on your project.  Exclusive designs are subject to exclusivity fees and contracts.  Bbeauty reserves the right to re-sell any commissions made that do not qualify for exclusivity.


International Orders

International orders can be made by wire for larger purchases or using Paypal for smaller purchases. Once you are ready to go ahead with your order, we will send you a order invoice which you can pay by Paypal. If you do not have a Paypal account, visit to create one. All payments need to go to to come to us effectively. All international orders must be prepaid in full prior to starting any custom commission or on an existing design.  Please note that we do not alter customs form values stating merchandise is less than the invoice amount you paid.  Customs duties are the responsibility of the buyer and not the seller and we will not commit fraud so you can avoid customs fees.  We do not accept payment plans on international orders due to the high amount of fraud transactions and non-payment occurances by overseas purchasers.



If we have not purchased any materials or spent any labor in creating your commission you may cancel it up to 10 days from your order date for a full refund. After 10 days or if materials have been ordered, you are responsible for the costs incurred on your commission to date (% of costume completed) less 25% of your total order amount kept to hold a spot for you on our schedule as a cancellation fee. If your costume has already been completed it cannot be cancelled and final balance is due in full.  We do not tolerate clients who try to do a charge back or Paypal claim on their deposit or monies paid towards their commission to avoid following our policies or get out of not cancelling according to our terms.  All materials, labor, and costs associated with your custom commission are your responsibility to cover whether or not you decide to finish the commission.



Every product we create is a custom commission.  In a day and age where there are many sites that offer products for purchase online so you don't have to buy it in person from a retail store, custom products do not fall under that category. You can't order a custom product and return it and it go "back on the shelf" for someone else to purchase.  Even if a product is a pre-designed item like a costume design on our website or Etsy shop or an accessory, it is still made to order and to your size (if size applies).  As such no items we sell can be returned.  We do make occasional exceptions if the item is a generic size and we are able to find another buyer, but these instances are at our own discretion.  If there is a problem with your order please read our section on our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.


Time Frames

If for whatever reason, we are unable to complete your project by the previously discussed time frame for order completion, we will inform you of the delay.  While we make every effort to make sure that this does not happen, there are complications that sometimes arise in the creation of a custom project including not receiving measurements on time, if a supply to make an item is out of stock and it was not known to us at the time of your purchase, if we are testing a theory or new pattern and needs to be altered or redrafted (needs multiple drafts to create it), if we are testing new fabrics or applications, if there are shipping and or custom delays outside of our control, or if during a project it turns out more complicated than originally anticipated.  Clients who book new designs or designs that require experimental techniques need to be flexible.  We do not recommend situations in which the buyer gives us less than our standard lead time for developing a new design (Rush time frames) and leaves themselves with no back-up plan if there are delays in creating a new product or if their product is experimental.  We also strongly advise that you do not "book" appearances with your costume until you have actually received the costume.  We will try our best to provide options for clients if their project is experiencing delays and their commission is deadline driven.  Because custom commissions are still custom and not products that can be "put back on the shelf", they are still not refundable if they are delayed.  However as stipulated above, we make every effort to make sure all our products are on time whilst dealing with the normal challenges of creating custom products.  If you delay in providing vital information such as measurements or a decision critical to making your costume and your project goes on hold, when we receive the proper information your project must wait for the next available booking time frame.  Because we observe a very packed and busy booking schedule, it may occur that several weeks and sometimes months may pass for the next available booking time frame to be available.  This is because your project is scheduled for a very specific time frame on our calendar as well as others scheduled for specific time frames after you.  If the project is delayed it runs into someone else's time frame booked.  Therefore you must wait for the next opening so that the delay does not interfere with everyone else's order being late through no fault of their own.


Payment Plans

Payment plans are available if negotiated at time of order. Based on the delivery date requested, we will work out a payment plan with you. All payments must be made so that your order is paid in full 30 days prior to your delivery date. Because there is a smaller upfront deposit and payments stretch out over a long period of time, there cannot be any refunds on payment plan orders.   Orders on payment plans are also subject to the terms outlined for non-payment.  We do not allow payment plans through our Etsy store or from our website.  If you would like to arrange a payment plan, you must do so directly.  A representative will work out a payment schedule for you and advise you on how to make your payments.  Work on your project will not begin until at least 50% of the payments have been received.  As payments are received, we reserve the right to purchase materials as we are able according to your payment schedule.  If you are late on your payments or miss payments it will affect your timeline and delay production on your costume.  


Lead Time

Our lead times fluctuate based on the number of bookings we have at any given time (much like a waiting list). General lead times for costumes are 90 days for existing designs and between 4-6 months for new designs.  We also experience shorter lead times in off season (Jan - July) and longer wait times for peak season (Aug - Dec). Although we continually monitor our lead time, if mass ordering occurs at the same time it can cause our wait time to increase or fluctuate. We suggest that you discuss with us any time constraints you have when booking your order, and inquire about our current lead time if you have a strict time line. Unless a strict deadline date has been discussed and included on your invoice, orders are processed in order of receipt on a first come first serve basis. Rush orders can be accommodated, contact us for details.  Please note that the lead time is calculated from the time we receive the following: 1) Your full payment (payment plans must be paid in full 30 days prior to an event date or ship date) 2) Your complete measurements.  Correct and complete.  If we have had to correspond with you for complete, unusual, or seemingly incorrect measurements, it will delay your order. 3) Shipping details or specific instructions.  Your lead time starts from when all three things are received. Note that our lead time for custom commission projects (not previously designed for instant purchase on our website or Etsy shop) will vary between 3-6 months lead time depending on the complexity of your project and number of pieces.


Rush Orders

We do accommodate rush orders. We leave a certain amount of time open in our booking schedule for rush orders if a client does not want to wait the normal lead time to receive their order and would like to pay an extra fee to avoid the wait. However we can only accommodate a small amount of rush orders per month so you must contact us ahead of time to schedule a rush order. Rushes are considered any order booked with less than a 90 day lead time, with extreme rushes anything less than a 4-week time frame. Rush fees will be determined by the complexity of the project and the time frame needed for completion and will be included on your quote. Any expedited freight needed will be the responsibility of the client for any rush time frames.  We do consider any custom commission which has not been previously created (new products or designs) to be a rush if there is a strict event deadline and it needs to be developed.



Custom orders are a contract for services rendered, we accept commissions to work on your design, develop it, pattern it, and at the final stages create it. Once your deposit is placed it goes directly into the development of your piece, research time, and materials. Deposits are non-refundable and go directly to any thing we have purchased on your behalf and the time spent on your project. If at any point after making your deposit, you are unable to pay your balance when due you are in breech of contract. If the project has not been finished and is cancelled prior to finishing, the hours and materials will be tabulated to date and you will be given 30 days to pay the difference between any payments you have made and the balance owed. At your request materials purchased and partial project will be given to you or disposed of /abandoned at your request. If the project is already finished at time when you cannot make your payment or pay your final balance, the full balance is due. If you are unable to pay your final balance when due we will hold your custom order for up to 30 days to offer you the opportunity to make payment plans and honor your contract. Payment plans that extend beyond 30 days are subject to storage fees (if applicable) and interest of 2% per month for late payment. If your contract is not honored after 30 days all monies paid and rights to your custom order are forfeit and your project will be considered abandoned. As well if you have made your final payment and submit a fraudulent claim with your bank or Paypal to receive your deposit back without proper notice of cancellation according to our policies you are subject to additional penalties and legal fees.  We do not tolerate those who deal dishonestly in requesting a custom commission and committing fraud to not pay for the fees and services associated with the commission. We reserve the right to refuse future business from those persons who contract us to make a custom order and result in non-payment.


Period of No Response

If we are unable to reach you after 3 attempts, or if we do not receive any correspondence from you for 90 days or more, your order will be considered abandoned.  We will keep an abandoned order for 1 year, after which it will be disposed of, sold, or repurposed at our own discretion.  There are no refunds, exchanges, or rollover of payments on abandoned orders.  Abandoned orders forfeit all payments made.


Receiving your Order

When you receive your order, make sure you try it on right away and inspect it for any flaws. Any defects or issues need to be reported to us immediately so we can remedy any problems.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We want our customer's to be 100% satisfied with the quality of their purchases with us. Therefore we have a detailed guarantee to make sure that you feel protected in purchasing from us. We go to great lengths to ensure that your items arrive to you with professional presentation. If any damages or quality issues are present for an order received contact us within 24-48 hours of receipt with customer service to issue return and/or replacement of your order.


Our guarantee covers:

- A garment's finished size will be made to fit the measurements provided by the client on the client's measurement sheet plus the recommended ease for the type of garment being created.

- Flaws in stitching, craftsmanship, or sewing. Any unraveling at the seams, any degree of unprofessionalism in the sewing, and any flaws in the product upon arrival.

- Quality of the material when we select the material.

- Design flaws on a garment we designed.

- One free resizing or adjustment on a wig or costume


Our guarantee does not cover:

- Someone else's work. We do not cover problems not related to the work we did or to the satisfaction of the overall garment.

- Your own material. Whatever material you provide determines the quality level of that product.

- Incomplete measurements. Garments can be made with minimal measurements, but how many you provide determines how tailored you want the garment to be. You cannot provide generic measurements and complain that your garment is not tailored. Or complain about the fit in the garment for a measurement you did not provide i.e. the sleeve was too long, but you never provided a sleeve measurement.

- Rips or tears after a garment is worn i.e. you snagged the satin in your dress and complain of quality in material.

- Return of worn items or items created/purchased for special events.

- Design flaws on a garment you designed or if you request changes to a design and then don't like it.

- If you injur yourself while wearing one of our designs or produced items. You wear everything at your own risk.

- If you change your mind about your purchase.

- Complaints on items not specified on your invoice/contract. If we make a mistake, we will fix it. If the item is flawed beyond repair we will replace it. Each item is inspected for flaws before it leaves.



Many who book a custom order are new to having something made for them.  Some makers will make generic dress sizes or pattern sizes and use your measurements to assign you a size.  Our company does not draft generic sizes, we use your measurement sheet to create your order from your measurements and for your body type.  Therefore it is imparative that you provide us as much information as possible prior to making your garment such as how you would like your garment to fit, any part of the body you would like covered up or revealed (i.e. scars, arms, tattoos, etc.).  We also recommend that you have someone professional take your measurements such as an alterations shop or a tailors shop.  Since our guarantee only covers the accuracy of the numbers you provide us, we recommend you don't take a chance by measuring yourself or having an inexperienced person measure you.  If they measure in the wrong spot, it will not be covered by our policies!  We also do not recommend you "pad" your numbers or provide us with vanity sizing.  This will not help your order fit you properly and will only confuse things when drafting your patterns.  If you have a particular interest in the "ease" of your garment (how loose fitting or tight fitting above your measurements), ask us at the time of booking and we will let you know how many extra inches we add for fit.  Generally speaking our bodices on dresses are usually close fitting at 1-2" above the body measurements, men's vests at 4" above measurements, jackets anywhere from 6-10".  


All clients that book an order where in person fittings cannot take place must understand that garments are constructed with the closest approximation we can do long distance.  Exact fits, proportion tailoring, and adjustments may need to take place on your garment in an on the body fitting by your local tailor or seamstress at your own expense.  We do our best to approximate without having you here in person using mannequins adjusted for your measurement's dimensions, however there are items we cannot address long distance such as shoulder slope, tilt in the body, proportions on the body, how your chest hangs, etc.  This is not reflective of our skill or abilities as we do conduct in person fittings for local clients, there are just some items that are hard to account for from great distances without your actual body in person.  If there are are particular issues you would like to address ahead of time, it is helpful to send us body shots in a close fitted garment such as stretch pants and tank top of your side, back, and front to help us see your body shape.  We can also have you take specialized measurements for your project to assist with that, however note that there still will be only so much we can do long distance and be advised that you may need to tweak your design with a local tailor or seamstress for the best fit.


Incorrect Measurements

If you receive your garment and it does not fit, the first thing we do is verify the numbers you provided.  You will be asked to re-take current measurements of your body for comparision on your measurement form.  Note that weight loss or gain is not covered by our policies and alterations must be done at your own expense.  If you report the numbers remain the same, we measure out the patterns and finished garment measurements to determine any inaccuracies. Note that your garment is firstly constructed with the measurements you provide and then has "ease" added to it for the proper fit on a garment.  If you did not discuss any preferences on the fit or if there are inconsistencies in the numbers you provided us, altering your design or re-constructing your design will be at your own expense.


Change of Mind

We put a tremendous amount of work in developing each piece created, from the moment we research and study your piece, to drafting patterns, testing, and then creating it finally.  We invest our time and energy into creating the best piece we can for each client.  We want you to wear your piece at the event you were planning on - and we truly understand that sometimes life happens.  If you do change your mind about commissioning the piece - it must be before the 10 day mark in our policies.  Changing your mind during your commission or after it is completed is subject to the cancellation policies under "CANCELLATION" above.  Cancelling your commission during it's construction is eligible for a partial refund.  Cancelling after your commission is finished is not eligible for a refund and is up to you whether you want to treat it as an abandoned project or have us ship the continued piece to you to sell or keep at your own discretion.


Care of your Garments


We use basic guidelines for the cleaning and care of your garments. If you are unsure of how to care for your garment, please ask us! We will not be responsible for dry cleaning problems or washing problems. Choose cleaners who will take proper care of your garments including those who are experienced with elaborate costumes and gowns, will test trims and beads to make sure they can withstand the chemicals they use, experience regarding stains and spots, and test for bleeding when working with garments with white and colors mixed. Pay the extra money for someone who takes the time.  Please visit our Care Instructions page for detailed instructions.



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