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​​If you are looking to have something original created, we will need a clear idea of the direction you want to go.  Things like "I would like a clown costume, how much will that cost?" is not enough information.  There are a million different directions of clown costumes we could go in and we will need you to narrow things down like style, color, and concept in order to sketch something or visualize something for you.  Try to collect inspiration pictures and be able to convey a clear idea of what you are looking for so that we are on the same page.  Please note that we do not replicate independent designer's work (movies and park costumes are fair game, but not individual artists).  As well we cannot replicate licensed prints or costumes with licensed or copyrighted logos for legal purposes i.e. super hero logos are the most common.


2.  Email us your concept and reference pictures to with a clear way to contact you.  Once we review your images we will contact you to discuss direction and any details that we may need to figure out a quote.  Please note that some costumes may require research prior to providing a quote, especially if we have to locate specialty fabrics or trims, check to see colors are available, or if artwork needs to be replicated so please allow us at least 48 hours to put together a quote.


3. We will ask you for your full contact information to put together a formal quote/invoice.  This invoice will be emailed to you with the details we have discussed with you.  If anything is missing or unclear, this is the time to address it as it is our formal proposal or concept to you with all the pricing and terms of payment.


4. If everything is approved, you will be required to send payment according to the terms outlined on your invoice to book your order.  New designs can take anywhere from 12-15 weeks depending on the complexity of your project and the number of pieces on your order.  If you need a specific time frame due to a show or event date, that needs to be discussed at time of invoice so that your time frame is factored in, as well as any rush fees.  Please note that if your project requires any exclusivity, confidentiality, or special terms those terms need to be negotiated and discussed prior to booking.  Please read our Policies page to understand all our company terms that outline each transaction.


5. Once booked, your order will be scheduled on our booking calendar.  Your invoice will have the approximate due date and information on your transaction.  New designs do often require checkpoints with clients to make sure if the vision or some details are unclear during the creation process, to make sure critical decisions are made with the client involved.  As well if anything was not clearly outlined in the invoice that comes up during the creation process, we may contact you to have you verify information or clarify information along the way.


6. When your order is finished, final pictures will be sent to you prior to shipment for your approval.  The order is then shipped.  We encourage our clients to share with us pictures of their custom commissions with us of our costumes in action!


Happy to have worked for the following big name companies, please see our full client list under our About page for our full company client list.





Commissioning us for a new design:

All the designs we create are custom.  You can view ready made and popular designs by viewing our Shop Link or Our Lines at the top menu bar.  If you want something unique created for you, you are not limited to what you find in our store and can request us to design something for you.  To commission a new design or have us design something specific for you or your company please follow the following steps:


1. Have an idea prepared of what you wish to have created.  If you want a replica of an existing costume or design you have seen on the internet or from a movie, please send us views of the costume (front, back, side) as high resolution photos as you can find.  This will help us view the details and look at how the garment was constructed so we can come up with a quote. 

Custom Commission Requests

Commission us to make something unique for you.

Custom Mirror Hat and waist cincher along with Alice Cooper.

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