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Costume Making and Dress Making

Bbeauty Designs specializes in creating costumes for Men, Women, and Children.  We also do special occasion wear - evening gowns, dresses, men's attire, etc. for all kinds of occasions. We specialize in doing high end garments with a particular eye for detail, beauty, and elegance.  We have a high attention to detail allowing us to create designs that suit their wearers by designing or altering to best fit and shape their body types.


High End Fabrics

Bbeauty Designs has the skill to work with difficult to sew fabrics like laces, beaded fabrics, sequins, sheers, and stretchy fabrics.


Hat Making

Custom Wool Felting and creating custom buckram bases both to make professionally wired hats.


Wig Styling

Mainly for performing and costuming for characters, we have the ability to style character wigs to accompany your costume.


Jewelry and Accessory Making

We have the ability to design accessories and jewelry to match your costume so that you can gain the complete effect in one place - wig, accessory, jewelry, etc.  This allows continuity throughout the design and a full package without having to go to multiple sources.


Props and Armor

At this time we do very limited kinds of props and armor.  It includes mostly items constructed from metal, wood, or vacuum form.  If you have a costume that requires armor or prop pieces please let us know the specifics so we can let you know if it is within our capability.


Textile Design/Custom Fabrics

We have the ability to not only create the artwork for textile design but also to use that artwork to create custom fabrics and prints. This is particularly useful in reproduction work that has a hard to find print, or in creating completely exclusive designs with fabric that is custom made and created by Bbeauty Designs and not available on mass market mediums. Includes custom printed silks, cottons, satins, lycras, and more. Inquire for details.


Light and Electrical

We have the ability to light up costumes either by using strands of light, EL Wire, and even custom placed LED lights and custom built electrical circuitry to create some of the most dazzling combinations of lights and costumes.  Currently we are limited to LED's and EL Wire only.  We are not experienced in fiber optics at this time.



We have an in-house 5-thread embroidery machine and digitizing software to create our own machine embroidery files and embroider garments.  This includes hats and costumes as well as creating appliques.  Hand embroidery is a very different type of embroidery that we do very limited and basic amounts of.  If your costume requires hand embroidery please discuss it with us beforehand to see if it falls within our skillset.  We offer bead embroidery where beads are crafted directly into a garment using a pattern in areas of a garment.  We also can crystal garments and shoes.  Often times beads, crystals, and machine embroidery are combined to achieve the costume's look.  We also practice the art of silk ribbon rose embroidery which gives a raised floral look using silk dyed ribbons on a garment.


Custom Shoes

We have the ability to transform a manufactured shoe into a character shoe. This can include custom dying, embellishing, painting, and adding components to create a character shoe. We do not have the ability to make shoes from scratch. There are two types of custom shoes we offer - custom dyed and embellished shoes for brides and special occasions or to go with our elaborate princess costumes and Cosplay style custom shoes.  Cosplay style custom shoes are either painted or assembled with custom covers that embody the character the wearer is trying to convey.  This can include manipulating a base shoe by building fabrics over it, adding to it, or completly covering it.




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