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Ariel Mermaid Shells Design C Painted Bra

Ariel Mermaid Shells Design C Painted Bra

Custom made to order.  Please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery.  If you need it in a shorter time frame, please contact us first for rush fees and availability.

This is a listing for custom cast Ariel Resin Shells. The shells are cast out of a thick resin, molded, and shaped to look like Ariel's sea shells from the movie. This listing is for the shells painted in two tone purples and attached to a bra. The great thing about this design is that the shells snap on and off the bra. So the neat thing is that if you have multiple tail colors for your mermaids, you can use the same bra and order another set of shells. This way you can change your shells to match your tail! The bra is decorated with a heavy concentration of pearls, AB crystals, and clear crystals in the center of the shells fading outwards. The bra has clear and AB crystals only.

There is an upcharge for this design from our other designs where a light amount of crystals and pearls are scattered on the shell. This design takes quite a bit longer to achieve and twice as many pearls and crystals concentrated in a small space. If you would like to buy the scattered version it is in a separate listing for $199.95 in our shop.
  • Details

    About the shells: About 1/4" thick casting, fairly light weight but sturdy. Just like the parade and professional versions.

    Sizing: These shells are designed with one size for A-B, and another for C-D (Add $45 for the bigger shell size). If you are an A cup, you simply look one size bigger. We purposely designed the sizing to not be a one size fits all because we wanted the shell size to be proportionate to the body. An A cup wearing a D cup just makes a girl look like she is swimming in her shells, and a G cup in a B cup looks way too small. We tested the proportion for all the cup sizes to get the best possible result and determined that doing one size fitting A-G makes smaller girls look disproportionate. Of course if you want even more of a tailored fit, you can have us do a custom mold for your size. Please specify your bra and cup size upon checkout.

    Note: View our other listings to purchase these shells with other options. We can do custom patterns if you want a different design cast in resin or a special cup size not offered. Cost to make a custom mold is $150.00 above and beyond the cost of the shells. We can also decorate per your specifications and color specifications. Please contact us for details.
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