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Cowardly Lion Costume Men's Adult

Cowardly Lion Costume Men's Adult

Custom made to order.  Please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery.  If you need it in a shorter time frame, please contact us first for rush fees and availability.

This costume spawns from a great love of the Cowardly Lion original costume. An in depth study of how that costume is made gave us a great appreciation for this character, however we decided to do a close representation of it rather than an exact replica as the exact replica was too involved. Now even though we didn't use real lion skins or weigh 50lbs like the original, but it is still 8lbs!

First and foremost the quality of fur on this costume is the very highest. We chose a short pile fur in a tan color, and just petting the fur gives you that warm and snuggly in front of the fire in a blanket feeling. It is very soft to the touch and realistic however it is a synthetic faux fur. It was a bit difficult to picture this costume on a mannequin, so a couple notes on how the body is constructed. This is a heavy fur costume, so we decided to make a few things to make it a bit cooler. The gloves on one side is fur and on the other is a tan mesh so there is air circulating through the gloves. The body of the costume is lined in the same mesh to ventilate the inside. So it is fully lined. The tail is permanently attached at the back and is about 47" long excluding it's long fur pom pom (it also has a hook at the waist to attach if you don't want it dragging on the floor). The lion costume zips up the front stomach area to get in and out of the suit. As well what may not be apparent in the picture (as there is not a real body in it) is that the arms, waist area, and leg area are actually sculpted like the original movie in that it is wider at the top and narrows towards the bottom on the arms and legs and in at the waist. They are almost "mutton" shaped. This adds a level of detail above and beyond most typical lion costumes that run straight up and down.
  • Details

    Both the mantle of the costume and the tail tip are made from a shaggy long haired fur. This fur has an almost cottony texture to it, and is also soft but not as minky smooth as the body fur. A set of fur gloves and boot covers is included in the listing.

    The wig is custom assembled out of a golden blonde mix of hair. It has a lace front wig style for a seamless make-up integration and big sausage like curls all over the top hair. Two matching fur ears are permanently stitched to the wig out of the matching body fur. The beard portion of the wig has a built in chin strap to comfortably fit around the head. The beard is detachable so that make-up can complete the face with the hair on, and then the beard attachment snaps in at the sides of the head. It is also made adjustable as there are two snap locations in case you want the beard away from the chin, or right up against it. With the beard in place, the exterior hair can be combed or styled over to hide the chin strap.


    Lion Body with Tail
    Lion Gloves
    Lion Boot Covers
    Lion Wig with detachable beard

    Not included:

    Courage Metal
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