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Fantasy Sleeping Beauty Pink Adult Costume

Fantasy Sleeping Beauty Pink Adult Costume

Custom made to order. Please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery. If you need it in a shorter time frame, please contact us first for rush fees and availability.

Background: I suppose every girl chooses a favorite princess at one time or another, and Sleeping Beauty was mine. Over the years as a designer I've been asked to do several park replicas and budget versions of my favorite character but never quite found the time to design one after my own heart. Finally I was able to and I hope you love this creation as much as I do.

Inspiration: It was important that as part of the Fantasy series, even though Sleeping Beauty's original gown was very simple and elegant, that I brought an exquisite detail to her Fantasy version. Roses has always been an element attributed to Sleeping Beauty and a bit of thorny vine because of Maleficent's curse. I decided to use those elements to draw out a motif that I thought would be befitting of those elements for decoration on her front bodice and sleeve and to add intricate detail in beading and crystals to give that bit of luxury for our fantasy series. It was important to me that the dress itself retained it's simplistic and elegant appeal and not detract too much from what I loved about her film dress so I decided not to drown her in embellishments.

The bodice is made of three separate fabrics. The body of the bodice has pink velvet. The sleeves are made from stretch satin to give a close fit but allow as much mobility as possible when bending the arm. The peplum and collar are made from a pink rose brocade. The front of the bodice (and front of the skirt) are piped with custom piping made from pink cotton. We chose this because we wanted a dull element to contrast with the pretty and shiny beading that would be going on for the front of the bodice and not detract from it, plus wanted it to be from a contrasting fabric color.
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