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Mad Hatter Alice in Wonderland 2010 Tim Burton

Mad Hatter Alice in Wonderland 2010 Tim Burton

Custom made to order.  Please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery.  If you need it in a shorter time frame, please contact us first for rush fees and availability.

This is probably the closest reproduction out on the market and the highest quality.

The jacket is made of a crinkled irridescent fabric which turns brown and orange. It is lined in black satin and backed with twill so that it is heavy and sturdy. There are two pockets that are functional plus flaps with gold buttons. It's much like a tail coat in the back and is fitted. The cuffs are huge and each have rows of ruffled silk sewn down as decoration. The silk is also brown woven with orange so it gets an orange fringe on the side.

His thread sash shown has multiple wooden spools with thread. Each spool is threaded onto wire and then attached to the chain.

The bow tie has various patterns on it very close to the movie. It is sewn on both sides for a nice finish (not just a strip of material.

Underneath is the vest and shirt. The vest is a patterned heavy satin material printed with brown gold and black. It is fully lined and has functional buttons (brown). A vintage peach shirt is under the vest. The shirt is unlined but has vintage lace cuffs.

The pink handkerchief poking out of the coat pocket is included as a fun accessory. On the other side a ribbon sash with multi colored ribbons attached to a pin so you can re-locate it whereever you want.

The pants are a pin striped velvet (this fabric was extremely hard to find). They are unlined and have hand detailed embroidery down the leg. They are flared with a functional zipper and hook closure at the waist.

The hat is 100% handmade from scratch using buckrum and wire. It's base is covered in twill and painted using golds, greens, blacks, and browns. If you look close at the detail it is not one piece of lace, but several overlapping and overlaying to add character to the hat. The hat is lined in black satin, embellished with a real peacock.
  • Details

    Included with this listing:

    Coat - completely lined in black satin
    Peach Cotton Shirt with lace sleeves
    Lined vest as shown with patterned outside
    Pink Handkerchief
    Velvet Pin Striped Pants with embellished embroidery
    Patterned Necktie
    Thread Sash
    Ribbons Pin (To hang out pocket)

    Not included but sold seperately:

    Mad Hatter Wig
    Gold Pin on lapel
    Copper Boots
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