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Merida Brave Costume Adult Version B

Merida Brave Costume Adult Version B

Custom made to order.  Due to high demand, costume orders will be made and shipped an average of 90 days from  from your order date.  If you need it in a shorter time frame, please contact us first for rush fees and availability.

Our Merida B Brave Inspired costume is made out of a teal blue crepe satin. It is designed to give a long flowing sleek look to the wearer and is custom patterned to ensure that. It has a nice wide neckline with striped ivory material carefully pleated around the neckline and matching ruffle at the edge of the sleeves. The sleeves are custom patterned as well to include ivory puffed fabric (stuffed) to accent the design and trimmed with crepe satin strips edged in gold trim. The top of the sleeve mirrors Merida's off the shoulder look and has matching trims and crepe satin to accent. One sleeve has a "target" in gold cording affixed (see Picture 2).

The hem is the most amazing part which takes an incredible 36 hours to embroider. The artwork for the hem was custom drawn by designer Heather Rosales and repeats itself 9 times around the skirt. The artwork contains slender celtic bear-like figures with crystal eyes and celtic interlocking paneled around in a light turquoise thread on top of the teal skirt. The material under the embroidery is sewn shiny side out to add contrast to the rest of the dress. There is also gold piping as a border above and below the embroidery.

This costume comes with a zipper or for an additional $45.00 you can get a lace-up back (fully grommetted) with gold cording. Merida's ghillies can also be purchased seperately.
  • Details

    Merida's belt is made of real cow leather and has been dyed a medium brown and embossed with celtic interlocking (not painted). The belt buckle has celtic design and three horses to symbolize Merida's horse she loves to ride throughout the movie. Belt buckle is made of pewter. Belt can drape and can be punched with holes to your specification. Belt is sold separately for $129.95. The belt shown in the first picture on the model was not made by us, but by our client and is not included in the listing.

    Merida's costume also comes with a tartan sash to be worn at the belt in striking matching plaid to her dress.

    We of course always can modify the dress design to fit your needs, contact us for a quote. Also look for other versions of Merida coming soon for various budgets.


    Merida dress with stuffed sleeves and embroidered hem

    Sold Seperately

    Merida wig
    Merida ghillies
    Merida's Leather Belt and Belt Buckle with Tartan Sash
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