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Mulan Adult Costume Kimono (A)

Mulan Adult Costume Kimono (A)

Custom made to order.  Due to high demand, costume orders will be made and shipped an average of 90 days from  from your order date.  If you need it in a shorter time frame, please contact us first for rush fees and availability.

This Mulan Costume is made of several different colors of satin. It consists of an outer kimono with pink satin and a burgundy band of satin down the neck. The collar is attached to the kimono and is a sea foam green. The sleeves are long and draping and lined in pink bridal satin. The skirt has two parts. One is a velvet over piece in red (but can also be done in bridal satin if you prefer). Under that is an underskirt made of pink satin. The middle piece is navy blue satin and tied with a red satin tie. Also included is a satin sash in lavender bridal satin that wraps around the arms just like in the movie.


Kimono with collar
Velvet Over Skirt
Light Pink Under Skirt
Navy Cumberbund
Red Tie
Lavender Tie
  • Details

    Sometimes looking at other versions online can be deceiving. Here's what makes our costumes different and worth their cost:

    1. Structuring within the costume, twill, interfacing, and extra efforts to make sure seams and materials don't unravel. We take the extra step to use all those wonderful tools like interfacing, twill tape, bias tape, and more so that everything is reinforced to last for years.

    2. Our skirts do not have elastic waist bands. Some companies or individuals use this to cut time and cost. Our skirts in our costumes have a real waist band with hooks and eyes like a couture fashion garment.

    3. We don't skip the modesty panels. When our costumes expand sizing or are adjustable they have modesty panels to cover the skin in both skirts and bodices.

    4. We use the finest materials. Bridal satins, velvets, brocades, silks, and more.

    5. Our costumes are lined. Not just with cheap lining, we self line which means the outer fabrics and inner fabrics are of the same quality. This helps with longevity and wear on your costume.

    6. Design. Design is our strength, we work out the bugs and get you the finest closest version to film, play, movies, and characters. But we also can do budget versions of our costumes if you do need to cut corners.

    7. Skills. We have a full in house staff including a complete design and pattern drafting team. All our artwork is created in house, our custom fabrics are made by us and not by outside vendors, we create our own embroidery files, and professional artwork. We have a vast array of skills not found in single person shops to do some of the most complicated costumes on the market executed professionally.

    8. Patterning. We have our own in house patterning team. Nothing we create comes from a store bought pattern so you will not see any of our items limited to dress sizes like 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16. We create each garment to your specific body type (or range of size for performance costumes).
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