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Rapunzel Fantasy Necklace with Key

Rapunzel Fantasy Necklace with Key

Custom made to order.  Please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery.  If you need it in a shorter time frame, please contact us first for rush fees and availability.

This necklace is inspired by our Fantasy Rapunzel Gown as a perfect match, but also can be worn by Rapunzel fans with just about anything. Delicate pink and purple beads, glass pearls, floral beads with pink crystals, three hanging strands and with a standard 18" neck. Hanging gold key pendant.

We thought that it would be an interesting parody that locked in the tower, Rapunzel secretly held the key to her freedom in a lavishly ornate necklace worn round her neck. In our sequel to the original fairytale, Rapunzel seeks to deceive the witch by escaping not by using her long hair, but by actually finding the door and unlocking it. Thus our inspired necklace has the key for Rapunzel.

The necklace is finished off with gold jewelry clasps and is professionally assembled and wired, each one by hand and to order. Please contact us if you need to adjust the necklace length, otherwise the standard length will be sent. This necklace can be built in children's sizes as well. Please allow a standard 4-6 week lead time when ordering. If you need a shorter turnaround, please contact us ahead of time to see if we can accommodate your deadline.
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