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Regina Evil Queen Once Upon a Time Adult Costume

Regina Evil Queen Once Upon a Time Adult Costume

Custom made to order.  Please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery.  If you need it in a shorter time frame, please contact us first for rush fees and availability.

This is a close reproduction to the original costume used in the first few episodes of Once Upon a Time for the character Regina Evil Queen played by Lana Parilla.

This is about as authentic as it gets, with closely matched details in every possible detail. Yes the first few pictures is of our client in her costume and she was a very convincing look a like.

Coat - The coat is made from an embellished georgette with shimmer and texture that mirrors black flames. The coat is completely custom patterned, assembled, with a twill interstructure, flare open cuffs, custom covered buttons, handmade button loop closure, and a sequin collar that mirrors the elaborate beading used in the film. The jacket as well drapes and trains 1.5 feet on the floor for a very magestic villain look. The original coat split into sections in the back with sheer panels in between however we chose to just make the coat a continuous piece. If you want the split panels please inquire for add-on pricing.

Cape - The cape is truly a work of art. The flame embroidery was hand drawn and lined up frame by frame to border the entire cape. The wispy feathers that drape the back were also hand drawn and materialized in matching silver thread and done on the jacket material for a bit of sparkle. Then each of the feathers were decorated with a few irridescent sequins that were glued to the pieces. The feathers are then assembled into clusters which are handstitched with bundled red coque feathers that are about 6-8" long and topped with a handpainted wooden bead. Then the wooden beads are topped with red crystals to hide the hole at the top of the bead. There are over 45 feather clusters placed randomly to the back of the cape. The cape trails 2.5 feet, so an extra foot beyond the coat.
  • Details

    Headpiece - The headpiece is crafted in wire and buckram and measures 3" tall and about 15" around. It is covered in black twill and then has pieces of handstitched lace to connect down to the forehead. The lace is cut raw according to the movie. Please note that lace will vary in style and pattern per purchase. Shown in the picture are 2 pony tail extensions (sold separately) clipped to the inside of the headpiece that are 26" long and have a curl. The wig base shown in the picture is just there for effect, the wearer would slick back their hair into a high pony tail on the top of the hair and attach the hair extensions. Please contact us for a quote if you would like to add on the hair extensions.

    Necklace - This is a custom built reproduction of the actual necklace worn for the series. It is a circle piece crafted in solid aluminum with a meteor like rounded rock in the middle of it's frame. It is then distressed by hand and then strategically accented with black to create it's shading. It comes on a velvet ribbon with adjustable hook and chain back.

    Corset - Corset is a steel boned pre-manufactured piece in black taffeta with twill lining and is included in the listing. Smaller embroidered feathers are layered over the top in a v shape and snap over the busk for easy opening and concealment whether wearing the jacket or not wearing the jacket.

    Leather Pants - Are shown in the picture and are there for effect and not included.

    Heart Box and Heart - Are shown in the picture and are there for effect and not included.
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