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Romantic Rennaissance Lady Lace Front Wig

Romantic Rennaissance Lady Lace Front Wig

If you wish to have another flower or hair color that is not listed above we do accept additional color requests.

Custom made to order. Please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery. If you need it in a shorter time frame, please contact us first for rush fees and availability.

This wig is available in a variety of hair colors and rose color options. The wig measures 26" from top of the head to the bottom. The styling has been done with french braiding manipulation that forms a heart from the center of the head around to the sides and down into the back. In the center of the heart is a basket weave design done with splitting ropes of hair and rubberbanding them. The style is finished off with silk tiny roses on wire that are pinned into the style to outline the heart shape. The rest of the hair hangs down in a light wave as is typical of the time period. Wig is a lace-front wig.

**Shown in Natural Black with Burgundy Roses.

Hair Type: high quality synthetic lace front, heat resistant.
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    About Couture Styled Wigs:

    When shopping for a wig you will notice a dramatic difference between a professionally styled wig and a costume or base wig you find on ebay or in a bag at a costume shop. Much in the way that fabric is the material used to make a costume, a wig base is the material used to make a couture styled wig. The hair quality is more realistic and is what is called salon quality wig bases. If you are wig shopping you will find "wig bases" on Ebay. The wig bases are uncut, unstyled hair. They come in various lengths and hair colors. If you find a wig at a costume shop, it is pre-styled as a character however generally speaking the hair quality is very low and often un-natural in it's appearance.

    A couture wig stylist will purchase a wig base and cut and style it according to the character. Dramatic styles may require the use of hair extensions added to the base wig for volume, and if more body or curl needs to be added, a heat resistant wig will serve as the base wig. We craft our wigs without the use of hot glue or caked on hair spray to achieve the most natural look and using salon quality wig bases. Each wig is custom cut and styled to order. Much like walking into a hair salon and asking for a cut, color, or updo for a formal event there is a labor cost associated to style and cut your wig and make it look like a character. The amount of labor required will be a combination of 1) the required base wig cost 2) cost of any added hair pieces or extensions and 3) cost of labor to cut and style the wig. Wigs just like costumes take a certain amount of time to complete. Each character wig is priced according to the time and materials it takes to achieve the end look. Each character is different, some require minimal extensions, some require more styling time, some require very little styling time. Prices reflect accordingly.
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