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Ruby Rhod White Afro Wig Fifth Element Movie Wig

Ruby Rhod White Afro Wig Fifth Element Movie Wig

Custom made to order.  Please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery.  If you need it in a shorter time frame, please contact us first for rush fees and availability.

This listing is for the wig shown in the picture. Wig is a custom assembled piece built out of 3 separate wigs to create the massive cone structure in the front and the base. Used a tight curly afro wig as the base and the cone is made and filled with foam, handsewn wig pieces were wefted in and stuffed and then sewn down to the base wig piece. Custom cut and shaped. The cone measures 11" long and 18" circumference around. Definitely the kind of dramatic piece. The wig is then sprayed white (other colors available upon request).


Wig on a foam head

Not included (See our other listings to purchase the costume):


About Couture Styled Wigs:

When shopping for a wig you will notice a dramatic difference between a professionally styled wig and a costume or base wig you find on ebay or in a bag at a costume shop. Much in the way that fabric is the material used to make a costume, a wig base is the material used to make a couture styled wig. The hair quality is more realistic and is what is called salon quality wig bases. If you are wig shopping you will find "wig bases" on Ebay. The wig bases are uncut, unstyled hair. They come in various lengths and hair colors. If you find a wig at a costume shop, it is pre-styled as a character however generally speaking the hair quality is very low and often un-natural in it's appearance.
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