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Santa Suit A Adult Costume Men Deluxe Custom Made

Santa Suit A Adult Costume Men Deluxe Custom Made

Custom made to order.  Due to high demand, costume orders will be made and shipped an average of 90 days from  from your order date.  If you need it in a shorter time frame, please contact us first for rush fees and availability.

We made this very high end professional grade Santa in response to so many internet Santa costumes offered that were all the same - made out of cheap grade materials and hopeless cheesy looks.

If you want a Santa costume, that looks like Santa actually would have worn it, you've come to the right place.

Jacket - The jacket is unlined however all the fur pieces are backed with white satin for a smooth comfortable feel. The jacket snaps up the front (belly not included) and has fur cuffs and a fur trim. The fur is not costume fur (the cheap cottony fur) but a high end synthetic fur that mirrors real fur. The velvet is plush and rich and looks very luxurious.

Knickers - The knickers are in matching velvet with a waistband and elastic for a comfortable adjustable fit. Knickers don't come all the way to the ground, but end where the boots begin.

Santa Boots - Fur topper vinyl black boots are included and available in standard men sizes.

Belt - A wide black belt grommeted with adjustable sizing is included.

Hat - Our hats are made special. So many hats are made as simple triangles that fall close to your head and the fur pom pom looks awkward. Our Santa Hat is especially designed to be very full so that it doesn't fit tight around the head, but plush and with a long triangle to hang down by the side of the head with it's large full faux fur pom pom. Made in matching materials to match the suit.

This suit is very luxurious, it is unlined, however you can inquire if you would like it lined. All the seams within are fully enclosed and serged to prevent any unraveling and reinforces all the seams. We can also add embroidery to Santa if you so choose, or custom make a Santa to fit your needs.
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    Santa Knickers
    Santa Coat
    Santa Belt
    Santa Fur Trimmed Boots
    Santa Hat

    Sold Separately:


    Please inquire separately if you want to customize this package to fit your needs. Children's Entertainment Companies, contact us for special pricing.

    We are happy to make style modifications according to your needs. If you like our costume and need to tweak the design a bit, please contact us for a quote so we can cater to your costume needs. Visit us online at for our portfolio. We do have special pricing levels for children's entertainment companies and princess party owners. Please message us or contact us for a quote. We are also happy to make modifications such as lace up backs and multi-size options to fit multiple performers. Please contact us for details.
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