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Sofia the First  "Rose Ballet" Child Shoes

Sofia the First "Rose Ballet" Child Shoes

Custom made to order.  Please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery.  If you need it in a shorter time frame, please contact us first for rush fees and availability.

Do you love princess style? Enjoy custom shoes designed for princesses each with custom details and a couture handmade box.


These shoes can be dyed any color. If you choose the "Match my Dress" Option, you will need to send us a fabric swatch to match the dye. If you send us a photo only of the dress you wish to match, it will be the closest possible color choice based on the color it appears on the monitor to us. As well if you would like to select a color we have over 60 options of colors you can choose from. Each one is custom dyed to order so there are no additional fees to dye your shoes.

About the shoes:

These are a child's shoe. If you are in need of an adult shoe one can be done in a pump with a similar rose design. These child shoes can be ordered for children size 12 1/2 - 4 only. If you have a littler girl you will need to request available toddler sizes in a slightly different style. This particular shoe style is in a silk satin (not just regular satin) (contact us if you want to make a color alteration to these heels for color choices). We can dye them in over 200 different color choices. They are then hand embellished and details are sewn on for a secure hold. These are also not cheap shoes. They are well constructed with high end materials comparable to those found in high end stores like Nordstrom and Macy's, not those you would find in Payless or discount stores. Solid built. Leather sole. Custom dyed rose at the toe and added pearl trim. If you have ordered or are ordering our sofia costume dress/ballgown these shoes will be a perfect match to the satin color.

About the box:

These shoes come with a limited edition Sofia Shoe Box . Each box is handcrafted and designed exclusively for Bbeauty Designs.
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    Q Are the styles you offer only available as pictured?
    A No, if you like our Belle shoe but you want it decorated like Cinderella, we can dye the shoe Blue and put all the Cinderella decorations on it. We can dye it any color you wish and decorate it however you want actually, so if you like the shoe but not the color, we can fit your theme and your tastes and make a custom box to match.

    Q I really like the shoe, but I don't like peep toe and want a closed toe or vice versa, can I request that?A Yes, most of the shoe bases are available as both a peep toe or a closed toe, and if an exact style isn't available there will still be an option for us to dye and style a shoe in a closed toe of your preference.

    Q I really like this style, but I can't walk in really high heels, do you offer a low heel option?
    A Absolutely. We have a variety of options of flats and low heel shoes that we can dye and decorate as any character or theme. You need not suffer!

    Q Do you offer any of the sizes as a wide width or just regular dress shoe sizing?
    A Yes we do, however it is not available on all styles so if you must have a wide width shoe, please contact us to go over the selections. Generally speaking the lower heel options and flats are more common to be available in wide width.

    Q Is it only popular pop culture inspired shoe styles you offer?
    A Absolutely not. As you will see from our original character line, a shoe and matching box can be made for any character you love or wedding theme. Discuss with us the theme of your shoe and/or your favorite character and we will be happy to design a set for you.
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