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Tinkerbell H Costume Fairy Adult in Shantung Satin

Tinkerbell H Costume Fairy Adult in Shantung Satin

Custom made to order.  Due to high demand, costume orders will be made and shipped an average of 90 days from  from your order date.  If you need it in a shorter time frame, please contact us first for rush fees and availability.

Our Tinkerbell H costume is made in Shantung Satin in a lovely forest green color and lined in a matching satin. The nude straps (optional if you choose) are embellished with clear crystals from front to back. The dress itself has lovely points, princess seams for a shapely curve and covers all that needs to be covered (please contact us if you would like your dress shorter or longer).

What makes this version truly lovely is the hand beaded sequins throughout. In combinations of lime and green sequins topped with glass green beads, each sequin is sewn by hand to scatter across the dress and concentrate on each of the points and at the top bust area for added emphasis. In the sunlight Tinkerbell will look as she is truly covered in pixie dust when she sparkles from head to toe.

**Special note on this dress - the mannequin does not have normal hips or bust here. The dress is designed to form fit to the body and hips which is why you see extra room here. A normal figure in the dress will fill it out to look shapely.

Note that costume comes with a zipper back standard. If you would like to add the lace-up back shown it is an additional $45. As well if you like the color and material this dress can also be ordered plain and in different colors if you so choose. Contact us for details.


Tinkerbell Beaded/Sequin Dress

Sold Seperately

Tinkerbell pom pom shoes
Tinkerbell wig
Tinkerbell Wings
  • Details

    Sometimes looking at other versions online can be deceiving. Here's what makes our costumes different and worth their cost:

    1. Structuring within the costume, twill, interfacing, and extra efforts to make sure seams and materials don't unravel. We take the extra step to use all those wonderful tools like interfacing, twill tape, bias tape, and more so that everything is reinforced to last for years.

    2. Our skirts do not have elastic waist bands. Some companies or individuals use this to cut time and cost. Our skirts in our costumes have a real waist band with hooks and eyes like a couture fashion garment.

    3. We don't skip the modesty panels. When our costumes expand sizing or are adjustable they have modesty panels to cover the skin in both skirts and bodices.

    4. We use the finest materials. Bridal satins, velvets, brocades, silks, and more.

    5. Our costumes are lined. Not just with cheap lining, we self line which means the outer fabrics and inner fabrics are of the same quality. This helps with longevity and wear on your costume.

    6. Design. Design is our strength, we work out the bugs and get you the finest closest version to film, play, movies, and characters. But we also can do budget versions of our costumes if you do need to cut corners.

    Bbeauty Designs is a professional costume designer. If you are a children's entertainment company, contact us separately for volume pricing and discounts. All our costumes can be modified to our clients wishes. Please contact us for details. Visit us online at for more about us.
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