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Van Helsing Marishka Costume Vampire Bride

Van Helsing Marishka Costume Vampire Bride

Custom made to order.  Due to high demand, costume orders will be made and shipped an average of 90 days from  from your order date.  If you need it in a shorter time frame, please contact us first for rush fees and availability.

This costume is a variation inspired by the outfit for the character "Marishka" from Van Helsing played by Josie Maran. It is not an exact reproduction, but an inspired look.

The listing includes the following:

Top - The top is made of silk chiffon in off-white for the sleeves. The sleeves are made to just about touch the floor and are made open so that the arms can flow in and out of them. They can also billow pretty good when you have air flow (as seen by the flying shot). The sleeves are topped with a gold braid trim and then around the opening with a gold and sequin decorated trim. This trim is available on a limited basis, if it runs out a substitute will be used. The body of the top is satin with a sheer gold metalic mesh over it. Top snaps in the back. It is also embellished with fringes, beaded trims, and gold braids.

Belt/Skirt - The bottom is a belt decorated with the materials as the top with matching trims and beads. It has panels of silk chiffon sewn/gathered to it. The panels are free flowing to pop out your leg and have free motion in it for all your vampire activities. We recommend the belt/skirt be worn with white dance pants (not included) as the belt just barely covers your lower half and the skirt is sheer so if you are doing any bending over it protects you.

Jewelry and other accessories are not included. Similar accessories are available at many fashion outlets and are not cost effective to hand make. However if you have problems sourcing matching jewelry we can recommend some sources. Costume is made to order in any size.
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    We are happy to make style modifications according to your needs. If you like our costume and need to tweak the design a bit, please contact us for a quote so we can cater to your costume needs. Visit us online at for our portfolio. We do have special pricing levels for children's entertainment companies and princess party owners. Please message us or contact us for a quote. We are also happy to make modifications such as lace up backs and multi-size options to fit multiple performers. Please contact us for details.
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